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For Investors
Invest early in the Startup Nation

Our goal is to safeguard and elevate Israel's primary economic engine: seed-stage startups.


Preserving Israel's tech sector is paramount. Utilizing a range of investment strategies, we offer investors the transparency and insight needed to sustain their support for rapidly expanding, early-stage Israeli enterprises. This not only facilitates venture capital-grade returns but also generates tangible economic impact, propelling the nation's economy forward.

Zugi VC Fund

We are currently raising $50m fund to deploy as pre-seed capital in some of Israel’s most promising Pre-Seed starter founder teams. 


Zugi VC enthusiastically engages as a trusted ally in multiple investment rounds, harnessing our vibrant partnerships with influential figures and leading entities in the ecosystem.


Our Syndicate management fee’s allows us to redeploy our own capital alongside Angels and LP’s and ‘put our money where our mouth is’ with selected startups with enormous potential. 

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