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Seeding  the Startup Nation


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Launching Q2 2024

Hebrew: an adjective derived from the word for "couple" or "pair,”; “To join or connect to form a pair”.
Invest early in the
Startup Nation

Our goal is to safeguard and elevate Israel's primary economic engine: seed-stage startups.


Preserving Israel's tech sector is paramount. Utilizing a range of investment strategies, we offer investors the transparency and insight needed to sustain their support for rapidly expanding, early-stage Israeli enterprises. This not only facilitates venture capital-grade returns but also generates tangible economic impact, propelling the nation's economy forward.

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Investor DaaS - Diligence as a Service
AI Generative Investment Memo's

ZugiAI augments existing diligence processes in a fraction of the time & cost by providing a comprehensive, holistic, investment memos with in-depth qualitative & quantitative evaluations and scoring, consisting of approximately 150-evaluation points across 8+ core components of any startup.

Fundraising on AutoPilot for Startups provides AI powered fundraising automation campaign tools.


Founders upload their deck, receive an AI analysis with actionable insights and initiates automated investor prospecting campaigns across the Zugi Eco-system, Linkedin, Socials, Emails and more.

Zugi Investor Education Centre

A complete resource to Venture Capital investing in Israel for beginners and beyond.

Explore angel investing starting from what it means to be an investor in Israel's Startup eco-system and to how to go about backing extraordinary founders and honing your due-diligence skills.

  • Complete Library of Articles & Webinars

  • Understanding & building Financial Models

  • Key Legal Documents Templates


  • Understanding the Cap-Table- Tutorial

  • Due Diligence Checklist

  • The investor IP checklist

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Zugi Venture Angel's Community

“Seeding the next generation of Startups by telling Israel’s story.”

Our community of angel investors are selected strategically for their extensive experience as startup founders themselves passionate about redeploying some of their own success back into a new generation of exciting founding teams and promising ventures.


Local Israeli Angel investors represent the very best advocates for local startups, displaying their trust and commitment by writing their own first-round cheques and passionately championing founders to their global angel counterpart colleagues.

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